Renault Triber 2024 Expert Review, Price, Pictures, Pros & Cons

Renault Triber 2024 Expert Review

The Renault Triber 2024 is a compact MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) that promises versatility, comfort, and affordability. With its smart design, practical features, and spacious interior, the Triber is aimed at families and urban commuters alike. This expert review delves into the key aspects of the 2024 Triber, including its design, performance, technology, and overall value.

Key Specifications

  • Engine: 1.0-liter Energy petrol engine
  • Power Output: 72 horsepower
  • Torque: 96 Nm
  • Transmission: 5-speed manual, 5-speed AMT
  • Seating Capacity: Up to 7 passengers
  • Fuel Efficiency: 18-20 km/l

Exterior Design

The Renault Triber 2024 features a modern and practical design that blends functionality with a touch of style. Its compact dimensions make it suitable for urban driving, while its robust build ensures durability.

Exterior Features

  • LED DRLs and Tail Lights: Enhance visibility and aesthetics.
  • Roof Rails: Add a sporty touch and functional utility.
  • Bold Grille and Bumper Design: Contributes to a strong road presence.
  • Alloy Wheels: Available in higher trims for added style.

Interior and Comfort

The interior of the Renault Triber 2024 is designed with a focus on space and versatility. The modular seating arrangement allows for various configurations, accommodating passengers and cargo with ease.

Comfort Features

  • Modular Seating: Easily adjustable seats to maximize space.
  • Touchscreen Infotainment System: Includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
  • Air Conditioning: With rear AC vents for better cooling.
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel: For a comfortable driving position.

Performance and Handling

The Renault Triber 2024 is powered by a 1.0-liter Energy petrol engine that delivers adequate performance for city driving and occasional highway trips. While it may not be the most powerful in its class, it offers a good balance between performance and fuel efficiency.

Performance Highlights

  • Efficient Engine: Suitable for urban commutes and long drives.
  • Manual and AMT Options: Flexibility to choose your preferred transmission.
  • Suspension Setup: Tuned for comfort, handling bumps and rough roads well.
  • Compact Dimensions: Ease of maneuverability in tight city spaces.

Technology and Features

The Triber 2024 comes equipped with a range of modern technologies aimed at enhancing the driving experience and ensuring passenger safety.

Technology Features

  • 8-inch Touchscreen Infotainment: With smartphone connectivity and navigation.
  • Digital Instrument Cluster: Provides clear and essential driving information.
  • Keyless Entry and Push Button Start: Convenience features for easy access and start.
  • Multiple Charging Ports: Ensures devices stay powered on the go.

Safety Features

  • Dual Front Airbags: Standard across all variants.
  • ABS with EBD: Ensures safe braking performance.
  • Rear Parking Sensors: Assist with parking in tight spaces.
  • Speed Alert System: Warns if the vehicle exceeds a certain speed.

Fuel Efficiency

One of the highlights of the Renault Triber 2024 is its commendable fuel efficiency, making it an economical choice for families and daily commuters.

Fuel Efficiency Highlights

  • City: Approx. 18 km/l
  • Highway: Approx. 20 km/l
  • Combined: Approx. 19 km/l

Price and Value

The Renault Triber 2024 offers excellent value for money, given its versatility, spacious interior, and modern features. It is priced competitively in the compact MPV segment.

Estimated Price Range

  • Price: $8,000 to $12,000 (depending on the variant and optional features)

Pros of the Renault Triber 2024

  • Spacious Interior: Accommodates up to 7 passengers with modular seating.
  • Fuel Efficient: Economical for daily commuting and long drives.
  • Modern Features: Includes infotainment and safety technologies.
  • Affordable: Offers good value for money.
  • Versatile Design: Suitable for families and urban drivers.

Cons of the Renault Triber 2024

  • Engine Performance: May feel underpowered on highways.
  • Limited Engine Options: Only one engine choice.
  • Interior Material Quality: Could be improved in some areas.


The Renault Triber 2024 is a practical and versatile compact MPV that offers great value for families and urban drivers. Its spacious interior, modular seating, and modern features make it an attractive option in its segment. While it may not be the most powerful vehicle on the market, its fuel efficiency and affordability make it a sensible choice for everyday use.

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